Queens Crowning Glory Hair LLC emerged out of recognition of a need in the hair industry. This need was the immense contribution of its consumer market to the buoyant multi billion dollar industry without much satisfactory reciprocation made back to the consumers that largely support our industry by way of substantial investments into our consumer’s communities. We also noted the very small percentage of individuals from our consumers’ communities that actually lay ownership to the brands and products that generate millions from our consumers. As a result of such low representation from our consumer’s communities in the decision making and product quality process, we found there to be a lapse of judgment within the industry in areas of product quality and its long term effect on consumer health. We found hair extensions and weaves of sub-par quality infused with dangerous chemicals being offered to consumers in the market place without concern for long term health effects that were doing damage to consumer’s scalps and hair growth and in some cases causing greater health concerns like causing cancerous cells due to prolonged use and exposure to these dangerous chemicals used in non-natural hair extensions and weaves.

Coming from our consumers communities ourselves we understood the allure that attracted some consumers to these kinds of hair extensions which was largely an affordable retail price point. We watched as these negative health effects became mainstream and publicized leading to dissension and a breakaway natural hair movement by consumers who advocated the wearing of only their natural hair citing many of these negative health effects as part of their core reasons, along with the embodiment of pride in their natural being and appearance. We supported and advocated for this movement. However, we soon realized that a ‘natural hair only’ movement will be an injustice to all hair industry consumers as it will limit their repertoire and hair style portfolio to only what their natural hair allows. Why shouldn’t a woman with short hair decide to wear her long the next day or have the option to give her natural hair a break or time to grow out without missing a beat in and having a fabulous hair day. What if there was a trusted brand of hair extension and weave that consumers could rely on to provide them guaranteed health conscious, top quality hair at industry’s best value?

In June 2017, we embarked on a journey to scour the world seeking a process for hair donors and a cost effective means in which to produce the best all natural best quality hair extensions and weaves then provide it to consumers world wide. In January 2018 Queens Crowning Glory Hair LLC was born to resolve the need we recognized in the hair industry.

Queens Crowning Glory Hair LLC (QCG) not only offers the best quality raw unprocessed virgin hair at the hair industry’s best value but QCG is also devising a model to invest back into our consumers and our communities.
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